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Three-phase with electromagnetic brakes


Asynchronous three-phase electric motors with built-in electromagnetic brake are designed for driving the mechanisms which need a fixed stop at a regulated time:

*Electric hoists


*Lifting devices

*Processing machines


*Machine tools


*Centrifugal machine

*Coiling machines

*Woodworking equipment

*Other machines for working in heavy conditions etc.

The brake device is located on the side, opposite the protruding end of the shaft, and performs a rapid braking of the motor when the power is turned off. When voltage is applied to the motor, the brake is released. Electric motors are designed for operation from a three-phase alternating current network, frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, voltage from 220 to 660 V, nominal intermittent duty with S4 start-up frequencies and switching on time of 40%.

The line of this series of general industries purpose motors consist of 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160, 180, 200, 225 standard sizes, with the quality of poles 2, 4, 6, 8.

Linkage dimensions and technical characteristics of the motors are indicated in technical description.

The motors have the level of protection IP55.

The motors have an insulating system of heat resistance class N.

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