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Three-phase low-voltage frequency-controlled


Asynchronous motors of general purpose with square-cage rotor, variable-frequency are designed for operation as a part of a single and (or) group frequency-controlled electric drive or from an alternating current network in S1-S9 mode at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

The use of motors is possible with the following types of speed control:

  • Scalar volt-requency – itis a control in which the change in the rotational speed is achieved by acting on the frequency of the stator windings with a simultaneous change in the amplitude of this voltage.
  • Vector – it is a speed feedback control based on the instantaneous control of the amplitude and phase angle of the magnetizing and operating component of the stator currents.
  • Sensorless vector –it is a vector control, which does not need the use of speed sensors.

Embodiment of the motors

Embodiment of the engines differs in the presence / absence of an independent ventilation system, electromagnetic brake, speed / position sensor (encoder).

The list of motors embodiments:

The motors of standard type

  • It is a basic design version of the engine. There is no independent ventilation, speed / position sensor.

There is no independent ventilation, speed / position sensor.

  • Motors equipped with independent ventilation. There is not a speed / position sensor.
  • Motors with speed / position sensor and independent ventilation.

Cooling and ventilation

There are used such ventilation methods for the motors according to IEC 60034-6.

  • With independent ventilation (IC416) – for operation over a wide range of speed.
  • Self-ventilated (IC411) -with limited control range or / and torque reduction with reduced speed.

Climatic design and operating conditions

Nominal values of climatic factors for engines of dimensions 132-400 mm in a standard design or equipped with independent ventilation, when operating – according to GOST 15150 for products of the type of climatic design U3, U2, HL2, Т2.

Manufacturing of the motors of other climatic designs according to GOST 15150 requires preliminary approval from the Manufacturer.

*When operating the motors of climatic design T2 at an ambient temperature of +50 ° C, their nominal power is reduced by 10%.

The motors are designed for operation in a non-explosive area that does not contain corrosive gases, which destroy metals and insulation, which is not saturated with conductive dust.

The maximum dust content of the environment is not more than 100 mg / m3.

Nominal power is provided in a long operating mode at a temperature of 400 C and a height above sea level of not more than 1000 m.

If the operating ambient temperature (air) exceeds + 40 ° C, the rated power of the motors should be reduced by 5% with a temperature increase of every 5 ° C. The maximum ambient temperature during operation should not exceed 60 ° C.

The IP level of protection

The level of protection of the motors is IP54 according to GOST 17494.

If the Customer requires it is possible to manufacture the motors with the level of protection IP55.

The level of the influence of external mechanical factors

The group of the design of the influence of external mechanical factors is M1 according to GOST 17516.1

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