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Explosion-proof for belt conveyors series AIU (K)


The explosion-proof electric motors with square-cage rotor of the series AIU (K) are designed for driving scraper and belt conveyors, for driving mining machines and installations, especially for tunneling combines in coal mines dangerous for gas and dust.

The engines are manufactured with climatic category for countries with a moderate climate – U2, U5; for delivery to countries with tropical climate – T2, T5.

The operating mode is continuous S1 from the alternating current system with a frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz. It is allowed to operate electric motors in operating mode S3, S4 at MF = 60%.

Electric motors are produced with a voltage of 380/660, 660/1140 V.

Explosion protection version is РВ3В.

Level of protection of electric motors data is IP54.

The engines have an insulating system of heat resistance class N. Cooling – air.

The motors are manufactured in the following versions according to the mounting method IM4001, IM9701.

The engines are equipped with temperature sensors, in agreement with the customer, the engines can be equipped with anti-condensate heating.

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