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Roller Series ARMU


Asynchronous roller induction electric motors ARMU are designed for individual drive of the rollers of roller conveyor, for completing drives of cable drums with column cranes, as well as for other drives in metallurgical plants for operation in macro-climatic regions with moderate (U), tropical (T) and boreal (UHL) climate in conditions defined by the location category 1, 2 and 3 according to GOST 15150-69.

The motors are designed for operation from an alternating current network of frequency 50 and 60 Hz for a rated voltage of 380 V. The motors can be manufactured for other standard voltages from 220 to 660 V. The winding connection circuit is a star or a triangle.

The motors can be operated being powered by a frequency converter.

Motors manufactured at a frequency of 50 Hz could be operated in the range frequencies from 10 to 70 Hz with a proportional change in voltage, as well as with a disproportionate change in voltage depending on the change frequency.

The main nominal operating mode of the motors is a continuous S1 or re-short-term with frequent starts and braking with the duration of the inclusion of PV 40%.

Nominal operating mode of the motors for cable drums is inhibited state at PV 25% with a cycle duration of 10 min. Thus the excess of the temperature of the stator winding should not be more than 200 ° C.

Linkage dimensions and technical features are indicated in the catalogue.

The design of the engines is closed with natural air cooling through the finned surfaces of the stands and bearing shields.

The level of protection is IP54.

Design according to the installation method for: ARMU is IM 1001; IM 1002; IM 3001, for ARMKU – with a frame without legs with a horizontal conical shaft.

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