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Electric motors DAZO4 (with protection degree ip 54)


ASYNCHRONOUS THREE-PHASE CLOSED BLOWN ELECTRIC MOTORS WITH SHORT-ROTATED ROTOR SERIES DAZO4 are designed for driving mechanisms that do not require speed regulation, as well as for driving pumps, fans, blowers and other mechanisms with similar characteristics during start-up, including for driving the mechanisms of individual needs of thermal electric power stations.

A series of electric motors DAZO4 is manufactured with the height of the axis of rotation – 400, 450, 500 mm.

Linkage dimensions and technical characteristics are indicated in the catalogue.

The engines are designed for operation from alternating current system with a frequency of 50 Hz, a voltage of 3000V, 6000 V and 10000 V.

The motors with a voltage of 3000V are manufactured in the dimensions of engines with a voltage of 6000 V with a height of the axis of rotation 400, 450 mm, and motors with a voltage of 10000 V are manufactured in a size with a height of the axis of rotation 500 mm. Type of climatic design of motors with a voltage of 3000 V, 6000 V is U1, T2, and with a voltage of 10000 V is U1.

The stator current of the motors with a voltage of 3000 V is twice more than 6000 V motors.

Nominal operating mode is continuous S1.

The design of the engines is IM1001.

The level of protection is IP54, terminal boxes have IP55, outdoor fan has IP21.

The method of cooling the engine is ICA01A61.

The motors have rolling bearings with greasing. Electric motors can be equipped with SKF, CNR, FAG bearings or any others according to a customer’s agreement.

The motors are connected to the drive mechanism by means of elastic couplings. The insulation materials of the stator winding of the heat resistance class are not lower than “B”. The insulation of the stator winding is rigid of the type “Monolith-2”.

The stator winding has six outputs fixed on four insulators in the terminal box. The winding phase connection is a star. The temperature control of the winding and stator core is carried out by six copper thermocouples, embedded in the stator slot.

The motors allow the right and left rotation directions. The direction of rotation is changed only from the idle state.


DAZO4 – 450 U – 6U1

  1. DAZO4 – asynchronous closed blown motor with a square-cage rotor;
  2. Overall height of the axis of rotation, mm;
  3. Linkage dimensions along the length of the motor HK, H, UK1, UK, U, UD;
  4. The quantity of poles 2r=4,6,8,10,12;
  5. Climatic category according to GOST 15150

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