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Explosion-proof series VAO2


Asynchronous explosion proof electric motors VAO2 series

The engines VAO2 and VAO2U with the explosion-proof marking PB 4B (РВ 4VIа for engines with the temperature sensor of the stator winding) are designed for operation in coal mines, also dangerous for gases and (or) dust; motors VAO2 with explosion-proof marking IExdIIBT4 (IExdiаIIBT4 for motors with a stator winding temperature sensor) are designed for operation in explosive areas according to OSHA 40.1-1.32-01 “Rules for the construction of electrical installations. Electrical equipment of special installations” and other normative documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in explosive areas.

Linkage dimensions and technical characteristics are indicated in the catalogue.

A series of electric motors VAO2 is manufactured with the height of the axis of rotation – 450, 560 and 630mm and VAO2U with the height of the axis of rotation – 630mm.

The engines are designed for operation from alternating current system with a frequency of 50 Hz, a voltage of 3000V, 6000 V and 10000 V.

Typical operation is continuous S1.

Method of engine cooling is ICA 0151.

The form of design of the IM 1001 engine according to GOST 2479 is on feet with two shield roller bearings with a horizontal shaft arrangement, with a cylindrical working end of the shaft and they intended for stationary horizontal installation.

The design of the motor provides the degree of protection of the stator and the casing of the terminals-IP54, the degree of protection of the casing of the external fan is IP20 according to GOST 17494-87.

The engine corresponds to the group of operating conditions M6 – vibration loads corresponding to the degree of rigidity 10a (frequency range 1-100 Hz maximum acceleration 1 g according to GOST 17516.1-90).

Mean square value of the vibration velocity of bearing supports does not exceed 2.8 mm / s.

The motors can withstand direct starting from the mains with a nominal voltage and retain the rated power (in the technically justified cases – the nominal torque) when the mains voltage deviates from the nominal value within – from minus 5 to plus 10%, and with the simultaneous deviation of the voltage and frequency of the alternating current from nominal values – retain the rated power if the sum of the absolute percentage values of these deviations does not exceed 10% and each of the deviations does not exceed the norm.

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