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Explosion-proof mine series АIU


The motors of the asynchronous explosion-proof mine AIU squirrel-cage rotor are designed for continuous operation from the 50 and 60 Hz alternating current network with the explosion protection marking RV 3VIa designed for operation in coal mines and mines, including hazardous gas and ( or) dust, according to NPAO 10.0-1.01-10 “Safety Rules in Coal Mines”.

The line of this series of explosion-proof engines consists of 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160, 180, 200,225, 250, 280, 315 and 355 standard sizes; with the number of poles 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

The mounting and connecting dimensions and technical characteristics of the engines are indicated in the catalog.

The mode of operation is continuous S1 from an alternating current network with a frequency of 50 Hz with a voltage of 380/660 V or 660/1140 V.

Nominal values ​​of climatic factors for engines during operation in operating condition – according to GOST 15150 for products of the climatic modification type U, UHL and T, with categories of allocation 1,2 and 5.

Engines series:

– AMS are produced with the binding of capacities to the standard sizes according to GOST 183;

– 2АИУ are produced with the binding of capacities to the standard sizes in accordance with DIN 42673 and DIN 42677 (CENELEC).

The engines produced in the metal casing have the degree of protection IP54 in accordance with GOST 17494 (fan casing – IP20). Electric motors with a rotational height of 80 mm to 355 mm, in a cast iron body are manufactured with IP55 protection. When ordered as agreed with the customer, the degree of protection can be changed from IP54 to IP55.

The motors have an insulating system of the heat resistance class F, electric motors with a voltage of 660/1140 V are manufactured with insulation class N.

The electrical insulation of engines intended for operation in mines is level 1 in accordance with GOST 24719 and is designed to operate at a high relative humidity of 100% (with condensation of moisture) and at a temperature of 35 ° C.

The motors correspond to the class I of protection against electric shock in accordance with the requirements of clause 2.1 of GOST

The engines are manufactured in the following versions according to the method of mounting GOST 2479:

– on the paws – IM1081 (B3)

– on paws with flange – IM2081 (B35)

– without paws with flange – IM3081 (B5)

When ordering motors with mounting version IM3081 (B5), specify how the motor will be installed.

The engines allow both right and left rotation directions. The direction of rotation must be changed only from the rest position of the rotor.

The root-mean-square value of the vibration velocity of bearing supports does not exceed 2.8 mm / s.


For engines of series АИУ


РВ – Subgroup of electrical equipment

3B – Flameproof enclosure

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